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Be a Bay Days Volunteer

Volunteering is EASY!

Do you want the chance to help out your local community? All volunteers who work a minimum 4-hour shift will receive a Hampton Bay Days T-shirt, admission to the volunteer party at Mill Point, and chances to win great prizes!!
Volunteering provides a great experience for individuals to participate in the festival with hands on activities while at the same time giving back to the local community. It is ultimately the volunteers that make this festival happen! Volunteering for Hampton Bay Days is only a CLICK away.

Volunteers will report to head of security for Bay Days for gear and assignment. May assist with crowd control, wristband monitoring, etc.

Beverage Control
MUST BE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE! Volunteers in this area will assist with checking IDs for age requirements, administering wristbands to patrons, and keeping the lines in order.

Volunteers will assist with the serving lines – maintaining and serving food/drinks to Bay Days sponsors and special guests – and in other capacities within the area as needed.

Trash Collection
Volunteers in this capacity assist with helping to keep the festival areas neat and clean for all visitors. This may include walking and collecting trash or traveling with committee members to dump cans. All necessary equipment will be provided.

Information Booths
Volunteers who man the information booths will interact with festival goers, providing directions to attractions and information about concert performers’ locations and time slots. All information will be supplied.

Volunteers will walk around the festival and survey attendees. They will ask a multitude of questions such as what they think about the festival, etc.