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Racing to Save the Bay

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Bay Days Souvenirs
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Hampton Bay Days
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Our Vision

2017 Bay Days StaffNationally recognized Bay Days is the premier festival in Hampton Virginia.  Bay Days is a spirited celebration that has educated more than a million people about this beautiful, natural resource. Residents, businesses, and visitors participate in Bay Days with excitement and pride. Bay Days is a family oriented, annual festival that reflects the unique character of our community. The volunteers of Bay Days fill the festival with music, food and fun, art, crafts, and Chesapeake Bay educational displays that provide a wide range of entertainment and learning opportunities.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bay Days Foundation is to encourage stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay; to promote preservation and awareness by conducting and/or sponsoring educational seminars and supporting research and education dedicated to preservation of the Southern Chesapeake Bay region.  The corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, including for such purposes the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3).”

Our Purpose

A family oriented celebration attracting people to Hampton, VA while educating them about the Chesapeake Bay.

Our Values

Safe * Family Oriented * Fun

Community Benefit

The Bay Days festival has been operated by a not-for-profit corporation since 1988 and is independent from the city. The festival has been a positive economic impact, increases tourism and awareness of Hampton.  Random sample surveys of Bay Days visitors conclude that the festival produces a gross expenditure of over $5-1/2  million dollars in the local economy, and through meals, sales and lodging taxes, Bay Days generates over a half million dollars for city coffers each year. Community and civic groups use the festival as a fund-raising tool for charity.

Bay Days enhances the community's quality of life, community pride and spirit by providing enriching activities and opportunities that celebrate and capitalize on the uniqueness, the history and the natural resources of this region. About 1,500 volunteers work each year to organize and staff the festival, and over 100 local businesses are enthusiastic festival sponsors, reflecting, the area's strong community involvement in the event.

The festival creates awareness and education about the resources and treasures of the-Chesapeake Bay. Each year at the festival, about 20 educational exhibitors provide elaborate displays, hands-on exhibits and show-and-tell areas about the bay. The Bay Days pays for all the costs associated with bringing these exhibitors to Hampton to create awareness, and education to the quarter of a million people who attend the festival each year. A Foundation has been established with the sole purpose of promoting awareness about the bay and to fund research, and education.

The Southeast Tourism Society continues to name Bay Days one of the Southeast's Top Twenty Events, Senior Group Traveler Magazine named Bay Days one of the Top 75 Festivals and Major Events in the continent of North America two years in a row, and the American Business Association selected Bay Days as one of the Top 100 Events in the continent of North America for three consecutive years.